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How you benefit from NetIBIZ ERP

NetIBIZ ERP is a perfect Accounting & Inventory solution for business concerns by keeping effective Sales & Purchase, maintaining a good inventory throughout the Sales and generating desired reports. It provides easy and Multi User friendly interface.

NetIBIZ ERP Benefits

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Integrated Information 
  • Improved Reporting
  • Better Customer Services
  • Highly Secure
  • Improved Visibility
  • Reduced Operating Costs 
  • Standardized Business Processes
  • High Data Quality 
  • Business Analytics
  • Better Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduced complexity
  • Scalability
  • When data is Entered in one module, it is Automatically updated in all other Related Modules
  • Duplicate/erroneous data is minimized
  • Centralized Database Structure Enables better Administration and Security Provisions
  • Minimize loss of Sensitive Data
  • Helps in Proper Utilization of Resources like Materials, human Resources and Tools.
  • Contains Many in-built Standard Reports
  • Cycle Time is Reduced for Sales to cash and Procurement to Pay Sequences
  • Boost efficiency of day to day and routine transactions such as order fulfilment, on time shipment, vendor performance, quality management, invoice reconciliation, sales realization and cash management
  • Top-down view available to management, chances of theft, fraud and obsolescence are minimized. Multi-currency,multi- language and modes will help in managing the business
  • Support Growth by 60% without Additional labour Resources
  • Improve Product Availability by as Much as 50%
  • 100% on-time Delivery
  • Reduce Expedited Freight costs by Nearly 95%
  • Cut Month-end Close Time as Much as 75%
  • Increased inventory Terms by 30%
  • Reduce scrap by 66%
  • Reduce Monthly Shipping Error to Zero
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs More than 70%
  • Reduce repair time by 75%
  • Increase Traceability for ISO Compliance
  • Improve Accountability across the Enterprise
  • Improve Internal and Customer Communications
  • Reduce Inventory Variances by as Much as 80%